Have I been hacked?

Or, more precisely: “has my network been hacked?” It wouldn’t be too hard, since I’ve got a wireless network, and anyone half a mind to break into one can figure out how—or already knows.

The thing that raised my eyebrows was being told, when I tried quitting iTunes, that there was someone connected to my music library. I double checked my other computer (my PowerBook), and it was asleep, so it wasn’t a candidate. (I even fired it up and connected, to be sure, and iTunes then said there were 2 users connected.)

The first step was to grab my heavy-duty 4 D cell Mag-Lite (the kind cops use, which handily double as clubs if you’re attacked) and go outside to look for suspicious people sitting in parked cars with their faces lit up by the glow of laptop screens. There was no one within plausible range of my wireless signal (which is severely limited by coming from my basement—one reason I don’t generally worry about anyone breaking in) so I went back inside.

The second step was to run tcpdump logging all of my network traffic (on that box, that is) to the hard drive. I’m streaming to iTunes on my laptop, so I can look up its IP address and see what iTunes traffic looks like in the tcpdump file, so I should be able to find any other similar traffic, to see if there is in fact someone connected to my network without my authorization.

The third step was to update Henwen (snort for Mac OS X, with a nice Aqua GUI) and turn it on with fairly aggressive settings.

Now I’m going to go to bed, and try not to worry about what nefarious things someone might be up to, while I wait for the opportunity to dig through the logs…

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