It seems AT&T is stabbing Apple in the back

See here:

AT&T is a nineteenth-century company trying to survive in the twenty-first century. (Much like the big-3 American automakers.)

The only good thing to come from Apple’s collaboration with them, is that everyone can see how ridiculous is the claim that Apple doesn’t know anything about phones and that you should stick to phone companies. The problem is that phone companies don’t seem to know very much about dealing with people, or respecting customers, or the value of honesty. Apple has made its reputation out of (mostly) treating people well, while AT&T has made it out of abusing its customers.

For one example, AT&T/SBC/Ameritech has twice tried to steal money from me. Once by never delivering on promised rebates and incentives, and another time by overcharging me on my phone bill and refusing to correct it.

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