Varien has tipped their hand… sort of.

Okay, so we’re all dying to get our hands on Magento, and Varien has only given us the general claim that it would be available in August 2007. Well, August has been around for 19 days now, so what gives!?

Well, they sort of implied in their blog two days ago that it will be coming at the very end of the month. (Rats!)

With the release of the Beta1, Preview version of Magento approaching in the next couple of weeks we present a sneak peek of the Magento Admin Panel.

A couple of weeks (taken literally) is 2 weeks, or 14 days, just as a few weeks (taken literally) would be 3 weeks. Usually when people use the terms “a couple” or “a few” they actually mean at least 2, or at least 3 of whatever thing they’re talking about. If someone tells me they’re going to finish a certain project in a couple of weeks, I expect that they’ll probably take a few months.

Now I’m not implying that Varien will be late–I certainly hope they won’t. But that was the 17th, and a couple of weeks–14 days–from then would be August 31. Hmmm… that would be cutting it close.

Now, to be fair, the phrase “approaching in the next couple of weeks” carries a slightly different implication then “it will be released in a couple of weeks”. In the latter case, “in” means “at the end of”. In the former case, in what they actually said, as opposed to my examples, it implies the possibility of happening within that 2 week period. But given the other implications I mentioned (a “couple of weeks” usually translating to more than 2, and the fact that projects almost always take longer than anticipated) it seems unlikely to come before the end of the month.

Again I say


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