Adobe Contribute is severely lacking

Adobe Contribute has serious limitations that make it unusable for most purposes:

* you cannot edit HTML source
* it has major major bugs: despite repeated attempts, it would not save an edited post.
* it does not support Markdown
* it does not allow saving blog entries as proper drafts (on the server–it allows you to save it as a Contribute draft to your hard drive instead)
* it’s unacceptably slow and unresponsive, even on new hardware (Core 2 Duo 2.x GHz).

It is *possible* that if I first change some settings in Dreamweaver to prepare the site for Contribute then it will be able to do some of this… if I get a chance I’ll check that out. Otherwise I’m *very* disappointed in the product.

You can’t blame Adobe, of course, entirely: they inherited it from Macromedia. They’ll need some time to fix it. Hopefully they’ll get it right by CS4…

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