How to fix a broken QuickSilver

After scouring the web in vain for information on how to solve the bug I’ve encountered in QuickSilver, after deleting my QuickSilver preferences and having no relief, after trying (and failing) to find any working bug-reporting location, I should have given up. But eventually, after wasting hours and hours and hours I figured it out: QuickSilver doesn’t keep its most important preferences in its preferences file. It keeps most everything in its Application Support folder. Once you look in there, all will become clear.

But let me back up to my bug. When I opened the “Triggers” tab of the preferences window, I’d get the spinning fan icon, as if something was about to show up in the window. Only it never happened. I let it go for about a day: nothing.

I assumed this was related to my upgrade to Leopard, and it may well be, but the lack of information on the web suggested that very few other people were experiencing this. So simply upgrading to Leopard isn’t going to cause this. It seems that something in my triggers, probably my custom triggers, was not getting along with either the newest version of QS, or else with Leopard.

The simple solution turned out to be to delete Triggers.plist. Just open ~/Library/Application Support/QuickSilver and you’ll find it just waiting for you to nuke. I assume that problems with other aspects of QuickSilver’s preferences can be handled similarly.

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