Why Windows Costs More Than Mac OS X

Several years ago a big research corporation (I’m pretty sure it was Gartner, but possibly Giga or maybe even Forrester) compared the total cost of using (not merely buying) Mac OS versus Windows, and found that in the long run Macs were (surprise! surprise!) much cheaper. (This has always been painfully obvious to long-time Mac users who have also had significant time with Windows, but it’s nice when hard data backs up what an open-minded observer can see through experience.) Of course that was a long time ago, but here’s a (somewhat playful, but still very relevant) update from the “VAR Guy”:

Actually, the same is true in the short-run too. The full desktop version of OS X is $129, whereas the full desktop version of Windows Vista is hundreds of dollars more, listing for $400. Even the upgrade version from microsoft.com will run you at least $225, about a hundred dollars more than OS X, and giving you a whole lot less.

Add to that the hardware upgrades it will require, and the security software, and the support costs, and the lost time (and therefore opportunity costs of lost business), and health care costs of higher stress…

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2 Comments on “Why Windows Costs More Than Mac OS X”

  1. wouterverkerk Says:

    lol at health care costs of higher stress. Just to point out that you are quoting the retail price of Vista, but I am sure that the cost in a corporate setting per license for Vista is less. Windows based machines are still the number one choice in corporate settings. Apple computers however, are not used very much in a corporate setting. I must admit that I don’t mind evil microsoft that much because I would not have a job if I only had to support Apple computers and Linux boxes.

  2. Yes Wouter: you’re right: the fact the Windows has a myriad of problems keeps a lot of people in the money. And you have to factor this in when you decide which OS to buy. Do you want to buy an operating system that will continue to drain your money, or one that works beautifully?

    Peace! brother.

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