an odd definition of service…

In an interesting article at , Fred L. Smith of the Competitive Enterprise Institute is quoted as saying

“The tragedy of a person like Gates… is [he] made large fortunes by essentially serving others, and [he] thought it was just selfishness.”

“They don’t understand the institutional framework that made it possible for them to create that wealth – property rights, the rule of law, a voluntary society – and therefore they think that they can somehow improve upon that. They think that freedom is too clumsy, and ‘We’ll create heaven here on Earth.'”

and later, regarding the billions of dollars we have flushed down the toilet under the guise of foreign “aid”, which doesn’t actually aid the supposed beneficiaries:

“It’s not only stupid. It perpetuates poverty. Foreign aid, as the old saw goes, is ‘taxing the poor in the rich countries to help the rich in the poor countries.’ It destabilizes and weakens the institutions for true wealth creation around the world by reinforcing the failures of government around the world.”

This guy clearly has some compelling & insightful points about economics, but he doesn’t have a clue about Windows. Since when is trapping unsuspecting customers in a roach motel operating system a way of serving them?

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