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No taste for accountability

March 20, 2008

One thing stuck out to me as I was reading the agreement to sign up to Fedex’s developer site:

(e) You will not incorporate in an Application an automated comparison feature which compares FedEx rates and services with those of other carriers.

That sounds like BEA’s clause that you can’t tell the world how badly their software stinks! It certainly makes me lose some of my previous goodwill and favorable attitude toward Fedex.

Later on down the agreement comes this:

Section 10. Confidentiality. Except as expressly authorized in this Agreement, You will maintain the confidentiality of this Agreement, the DRC and all information concerning the DRC, including without limitation, the Materials provided by FedEx, and will not distribute or disclose any of them to any third party without the written consent or instruction of FedEx. You will make no public announcements regarding this Agreement or the inclusion of any Materials from the DRC into an Application without the Prior written consent of FedEx.

Whoops! Did I break the agreement already? Nope, I haven’t signed it yet. Once I sign it I won’t post anything else violating the agreement. (It is, of course, posted where anyone can find it, anyway, so it’s pretty lame of them to try to pull of these shenanigans.)

Okay, now I’ll sign it, and then I won’t be able to comment further on it’s contents. But follow the link if you want to see for yourself.